Shelter Children’s Rehabilitation Centre, fondly known as Simba Village was founded in 1997. Since then the Village has grown from strength to strength and is currently resident to 148 children. We are situated on the outskirts of Nairobi next to the Ngong Hills in the Maasai area of Kibiko in Kenya and are officially a registered Children’s homes by the Ministry of Labour and social services. The home accommodates orphans, destitute, abandoned, and abused, and rescue from early marriages.

Overview of Major Accomplishments

Since inception the Home has been able to provide care and support to over 250 children with at least 48 children in boarding secondary schools, 86 in primary schools and 12 in colleges & university and 2 babies. We have continued to advocate for the rights of children in the community as well as sensitizing the community about the value of education to every child. We have also, in the process of carrying on with our mandate, managed to create job opportunities to the surrounding community.

Our exit program has so far been very successful in that we have been able to lobby for jobs and full reintegration for kids who have completed our program. We have also been able to empower children with life skills both in the institution and at the community level, besides rescuing Maasai girls from early marriages and FGM.

Our core mandate is to:-

  • Provide children with quality education and life skills in order to mould a wholesome citizen.
  • Advocate for child care and total eradication of any form of child abuse.
  • Promote children rights.
  • Provide all children with equal opportunities to pursue lifetime goals and attain ultimate personal fulfillment.

On the basis of our core mandate, we at Shelter have a three pronged program to provide the following essential services:-

  • Education, which comprises pre-school (i.e. early childhood education), primary school, secondary school, and tertiary education (i.e. university and middle level colleges).
  • Childcare, which entails feeding, health care, counselling, accommodation, and recreation.
  • Reintegration of the children with their families and society through family tracing, home visits, follow ups, assessments, and capacity building.

To deliver our mandate, we at Shelter concentrate on the following cardinal objectives:-

  • Provision of basic needs to the target children, which include shelter, food, clothing, health care, education and recreation activities.
  • Rehabilitation of children by enabling them to acquire human dignity, self reliance and self esteem through counseling, life skills development, spiritual nourishment, continuous assessment and capacity building.
  • Empowering and engaging community on issues regarding children rights through such forums as training and seminars, capacity building sessions, networking with local leaders and churches and by offering subsidized services.