Mission, Policy & Core Values

To be a leader in transforming and empowering vulnerable children.

Mission Statement
To harness resources and community support for the creation of an environment that is conducive to the provision of all aspects of child development.

Values Statement
a) We seek to show and provide love, care and hope to every child because we believe in every child’s right to parental care and responsibility;
b) We are committed to the highest level of integrity by being transparent, accountable, and professional in all our undertakings and pursuits for better resources management as well as service delivery, and;
c) We have total respect for all our stakeholders and always advocate for community participation and involvement in execution of our mandate.

Strategic Objectives
The key objective issue is to develop a sustainable capital program that will be able to support all our goals by defining clear methods and means of funding both the development and operational financial requirements of the Village.

As such, the main goals or objectives will be:-
a) To develop an elaborate and proactive resources mobilization plan with clearly defined systems and process;
b) Provision of basic needs to the target beneficiaries.
c) To develop a continuous human resource capacity building scheme with clear competence development program and elaborate mechanism for staff appraisal aimed at optimization.
d) Develop a physical development master plan to guide future infrastructure development and institutional growth.